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Stories have great power.

They shape how we first learn about the world and help us to understand our place in it.

Imagine a childhood with books that neglect your people, your culture, and your language? Or missing out on the experience of books altogether? To preserve Indigenous culture for the future, children need to read stories they can see themselves and their people clearly represented in.

Our Book Supply program empowers people in Indigenous communities to choose the books they want their children to read. Our range of new, quality books that we distribute to thousands of children across the country has been carefully curated by teachers who have worked in remote communities, as well as book industry experts. Some of these have even been written and illustrated by children and families in these remote areas, with some in first language.

The result? Indigenous children experiencing how fun reading can be, learning about and seeing the world through the eyes of their own culture -- and most importantly -- the development of vital early literacy skills.

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How can I support Indigenous Literacy?

1. Sign up and create a fundraising profile

2. Ask friends and family to donate a book to your shelf

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3. Fill your virtual bookshelf

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4. Change the lives of children living in remote Australia!

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How you will make a difference

Your donations help us gift these culturally appropriate books to thousands of families, communities and schools across the country, where access to books is little to none.

By asking friends to donate books to your virtual ‘bookshelf’, you are helping us change the lives of children living in remote Australia.