About Indigenous Literacy Day

Wednesday 1 September

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What is Indigenous Literacy Day?

NITV presenter and ILF Ambassador Natalie Ahmat shares what the day is about and how to use this site.

Celebrating Stories and Language

To celebrate Indigenous Literacy Day (ILD), the Indigenous Literacy Foundation proudly presents this virtual celebration for all Australians, launched on Wednesday 1 September. Through storytelling, ILD provides a window into the richness, diversity and multilingual world of First Nations peoples with a selection of short, inspiring video stories by First Nations storytellers (of all ages) from across the country.

This year's theme is Celebrating Stories and Language. You can pick and choose from a suite of diverse and inspiring video stories from First Nations people including Australia's favourite pop star Jessica Mauboy, talented author and performer Gregg Dreise, and celebrated photographer Wayne Quilliam. There are stories from Stick Mob (a group of four young graphic novelists), children in remote communities, and a selection of pay-to-experience, high-quality workshops made by leading artists, authors and creatives.

For the younger audiences (4-11), we offer a special 25-minute event in collaboration with the Sydney Opera House’s Digital Creative Learning team. With a special guest appearance by Jessica Mauboy, the prerecorded event is hosted by dynamic performer and author Gregg Dreise, a proud descendant from the Goomeri and Yuwalayaay people in south-western Queensland and north-west of New South Wales. The event shares First Nations stories and language in a fast-paced and engaging performance. Register to take part in this free, special feature event here.