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What to look forward to!

ILF Ambassador Jessica Mauboy tells us what she's excited to watch.

This year’s Indigenous Literacy Day is a deadly celebration of stories and language!

“We are storytellers of more than 65,000 years, and we love to share our knowledge with all Australians.” - Educator, presenter and ILF Ambassador Shelley Ware.

On Wednesday 1 September, over 40 short, inspiring and diverse video stories will go live on this site. We invite you to select, share and immerse yourself in stories and language that highlights the diversity and richness of First Nations culture. There is something for everyone!

You will find delightful stories from kids on Country in remote Australia and enlightening stories from First Nations authors, musicians and artists such as Stella Raymond, Archie Roach, Wayne Quilliam, Jessica Mauboy, Brenton McKenna, Maureen Jipyiliya Nampijinpa O’Keefe, Natalie Ahmat, Larissa Behrendt, Jared Thomas, Anita Heiss and so many more. 

There is a special feature on the incredible journey of Stick Mob (a group of four young graphic novelists in Alice Springs), as well as heartwarming stories from children from remote schools and organisations such as Children’s Ground, the Sharing Stories Foundation, First Languages Australia, and SNAICC. 

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation is proud to present Indigenous Literacy Day 2021, and to celebrate this incredible range of First Nations stories and languages from the Kimberley, to the Tiwi Islands, and the Torres Strait Islands. 

This is a celebration for all Australians.

Schools and parents!

Sign up for a special virtual Indigenous Literacy Day event for primary and early learners (aged 4 -11 years) hosted by the Sydney Opera House!

Sharing Stories and Language for Schools and Educators

In collaboration with the Sydney Opera House’s Digital Creative Learning team, the ILF presents a special, free 25-minute event for primary and early learners (4-11), hosted by dynamic performer and author Gregg Dreise, with a special guest appearance by Australia’s favourite pop singer Jessica Mauboy. The event features First Nations stories and language in a fast paced and engaging performance, including a virtual flight to the Tiwi Islands to join local children at the island swimming hole and on a hunt for mussels in the mangroves. 

Register now to receive a list of learning resources and ILF colouring-in activity sheets to help you plan your Indigenous Literacy Day celebration and learning. Once registered you will receive a watch page link a few days before the event premieres at 9am on Wednesday 1 September. You can click on the link and watch the event any time after 9am on Wednesday 1.

Available from 9am Wednesday 1 September