Thank You

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation would like to thank the following people and organisations for their incredible work and support to bring this event to life.

To everyone who, despite restrictions and border closures, time constraints and IT challenges, has contributed to this event, whether it has been filming and sharing a story, organising permissions, assisting with editing, providing translations and more  –  your contribution is deeply appreciated. Full list of contributors below. 

But firstly we would like to acknowledge: 

  • Producers Nicole Sainsbury, Chris Moss and Ross Wood from Entertainment Marketing Group (EMG) for project managing and producing most of the video stories, the school event and the workshops. Wonderful job - thank you!
  • The Digital Creative Learning team at Sydney Opera House for their continued support of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation and hosting of the Indigenous Literacy Day education event
  • ILF Ambassador Gregg Dreise for designing the ILD logo and branding
  • To ILF Ambassadors who generously give their time, energy and expertise and continue to promote ILF’s literacy programs, fundraise and advocate for equity of opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children living in remote communities across Australia 

A full list of story and workshop contributors is below (in alphabetical order). Thank you all!