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Available soon from 3 September

Comic basics with Bob and the Box

Join Declan and Bob on a journey to learn the basics on how to make a comic book page.

This comic writing workshop is broken up into four sections designed to get you sketching and drawing your own illustrated story.

These sections are:

  1. Panels
  2. Angles
  3. Motion/speed lines
  4. Special-effects text and speech bubbles

In each section, Declan shows you what these are used for and how to use them, with his friend, Bob and his Box.  

In this workshop Declan shows you how to break up a page into panels so he can add Bob and what he is up to with his box. Declan then adds angles and speed lines to focus the action in each of the panels. The final section is where Declan adds special-effect text and speech bubbles so that the reader knows what Bob is thinking and saying when he is moving his box.

Workshop - 10 minutes

Declan David Miller is a graphic novelist. He wrote and illustrated Mixed Feelings. He was born and raised in Alice Springs. His family didn't like to travel much so he decided to visit different cultures so that he could understand their stories. These experiences helped him to write his stories. He wrote Mixed Feelings to show the diversity of stories that make up the small town of Alice Springs. His family is from Arrernte and Anmatyerre Lands.

Declan is the driving force behind Stick Mob creative. He established the group while still at school and since finishing school has been working on other graphic novels and short stories and mentoring other students. In January 2021, Declan was named Centralian Young Citizen of the Year. He works with a team at Stick Mob where they show people how to tell their stories through different ways such as comics, graphic novels, and narratives. He is passionate about supporting people to tell their stories.

Declan Miller

Learning Points



Motion/speed lines

Special-effects text and speech bubbles

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