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Available soon from 3 September

Hit record with confidence; a step by step guide to digital storytelling

Hit record with confidence - six steps to great videography for school or work!

We know that great digital storytelling starts with great visuals. 

In this workshop we will guide you through six key steps to give your footage flair: 

  1. camera settings on your mobile device
  2. tips on how to work best with natural and artificial lighting
  3. recording clean audio to make your stories stand out
  4. getting the most out of your talent for your interviews
  5. increasing the quality of your video with cinematic movement and different shot depths, and 
  6. how to find the best music to create a sound-bed for your video.

This is a beginners workshop suitable for all ages, delivered in an engaging and practical way. 

After the workshop you'll want to jump behind your camera and hit record with confidence!

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Workshop - 13.15 minutes

Contrast Media was founded by Sean Stark in February 2019, and has seen immense progress despite the complications of COVID-19. As a Yorta Yorta man connected to his country and his heritage, he works with people from a range of diverse backgrounds to tell impactful and meaningful stories. Sean’s background is as a war journalist, and he has worked in conflict zones such as Hong Kong. Sean’s vision is to bring diversity to the Australian film and TV industry, and to give a voice to those who have been silenced.

Sean Stark

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